Chutneys   An unforgettable culinary delights from every region of India

An accompaniment along with a starchy dish whether it is rice, wheat, millets or roots like tapioca, sweet potato and yams.

It can be of a varied consistency or texture like paste, coarse paste, powder, coarse powder, smooth jam or coarse jam. It can be used with oils or not.

Ingredients can be lentils, spices, vegetables, onions, tomato, and tamarind .Each crafted from what is locally available and in season.

Some can be preserved for long; some has to be kept in refrigerator and has to be used In a week, and some to be used immediately.

This dish is commonly prepared and used all over India with lots of variations as the imagination of the creative minds who make it.

Here today introducing an unusual one almost resembles the coconut chutney used for Dosas and Idlis .This Chutney is used by vegetarians and vegans as an accompaniment to Kerala Palappam .The credit of the recipe goes to Mrs.Suma Shivadas a lady full of experiences and lot of energy  who have passionately compiled the traditional recipes of Kerala in almost a dozen of cook books but I wish to call it as life guides as she shares some of her wonderful life experiences as a back drop of each recipe .

Chutney for Appam


To grind together

1 Cup Coconut grated

1 tsp Chilli powder

2 Shallots

1tsp Coriander seeds

1/8 tsp fennel

Salt to taste

Grind together all the above

For Garnish

1 tbsp Coconut Oil

6 shallots sliced

1 tsp salt

2 sprig curry leaves

2 Red Chilly


Add the ground paste into a pan with enough water and when starts to boil close the fire and add garnish fried in oil.