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This workshop offers a hands-on exploration of Kerala cuisine, with a visit to a spice farm that uses bio-organic techniques. This is a green and pleasant environment, where you can see spices grown using natural traditional farming methods and permaculture. Your hosts are very knowledgeable, and they will introduce you to the plants in their forest garden and explain the sustainable methods of growing them. You will also explore the neighbouring villages in the area, see the pineapple market, rubber plantations and rice fields, take an auto-rickshaw ride and see other local activities. After the tour of the area, you will be introduced to the traditional Kerala kitchen. This is an interactive, hands-on cooking session, where the ingredients and the techniques will be explained to you. Try your hand at the dishes, or just watch or both and photograph, depending on what you prefer. After the cooking session, you can enjoy a delicious lunch, and then return to your hotel or continue your journey as the place is accessible to many destinations. For the students and Budget travellers under 30 we have two rooms on the first floor of the house Please note, the cuisine is vegetarian. We offer this to max 8 people. This program can be done on a demo basis to bigger groups also on request.

Plan for the day:

Arrive at the Organic Spice Farm at Kadalikad around 9 am

Tour of the farm, see spices growing (excellent explanations by local host), visit the pineapple market, visit a painter who does decorative art for our colourful local trucks (very offbeat experience!)

Local auto-rickshaw ride

Explanations and introduction to Kerala vegetarian cuisine

Price for the day Rs.4500/- per person inclusive of Food, Bottled water and all the activities mentioned above.

Price valid till 31 May 2020

Please note.

Reservation is must.

No walk in.

Programme availability is limited.

Time 9 am to 5.30 pm