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And it’s not just us who like what we do. See what others say about us: 

You’ll be amazed at how many new vegetarian dishes you have in your repertoire…The Pimenta offers a variety of holiday packages, combining cooking 

Lessons with unusual trips like visiting a small (snack-making) factory that makes Bombay mix and a fascinating rubber band-making enterprise.

A holiday here ensures you take home much more than a few recipies

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“The food is some of the best and most unusual Indian fare I’ve ever tasted. You stay in traditional cottages within the beautiful countryside. The Atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and very welcoming.” 

Carol Mc Dermott, The Guardian newspaper, United Kingdom.

“The Pimenta is a grandiouse name for what’s effectively a family kitchen on a seven acre spice plantation in the lush forested foothills of Kerala’s Western Ghats. With four modest bungalows, and (communal) dinners, this is no five star extravaganza. But what it lacks in glitz it more than makes up for in authenticity, with classes in delicious Keralan vegetable specialities..” 

“14 Tasty Cookery Courses,” Jeremy Lazell : The Sunday Times newspaper, United Kingdom.

“India is possible the only country in the world where meat eaters are in the minority, so vegetarian visitors will feel very much at home. Kerala is famous for its appetizing veggie dishes. You can learn the secrets of their preparations at The Pimenta.” 

“Vegetarian Feasts,”  The Guardian newspaper, United Kingdom.

Gourmet getaways: Cooking lessons in exotic lands all the rage

Gourmet getaways: Cooking lessons in exotic lands all the rage

Even if Kerala cuisine is known for its excellent fish and seafood curries, the focus of the cooking sessions at The Pimenta, located at Haritha Farms in Kadalikad, is on a vegetarian and vegan fare. Hands-on cooking sessions are an integral part of the Pimenta stay...

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