Five Module Basic Indian Cooking

Indian Online Cook along Program

Indian Online Cook along Program

This is an online program for those who are interested to learn the basic Indian cooking and understand the concepts from an Indian doing the home cooking and running Cooking Holidays in India for two decades. This program basically focuses on the south Indian cooking and dishes which people cook pan India. This program can be done as a whole or can be attended as First module and any other modules of your choice.

Across, five modules we would be learning a total of 15 recipes, whose soft copy would be shared with you at the beginning of this program. This program can be scheduled on the convenience of the of the participant group . This  program can be used as a cook along for the people who have a primary knowledge of Indian Cooking, others can watch and cook later. Any doubts and clarifications, regarding the 15 recipes can be addressed within 6 months from when the program ends through email or WhatsApp at mutually convenient timing.

Outline of the Five-Module Program

Module 1
Here we give a brief explanation on the Rice, Lentils, Vegetables, Oils and Spices with which we cook on the next few modules or used in Indian as well as south Indian cooking . On day one, there will be a:

a. a brief Introduction to main spices we use in this program cooking like Chilly, Coriander, Turmeric, Cumin, Mustard seeds and Garam masala combinations
b. Curry powder and Garam masala will be distinguished
c. List of all the ingredients needed for the next four days will be explained and list can be given in advance.

We will be ending the day one session with cooking of Indian Tomato Chutney and Onion Pakora (Indian Onion fritters). And the Pimenta Special Garam Masala

Module 2

In the second module , we will be starting with the cooking demonstration of a simple Indian meal consisting of:
 Aubergine Thiyal
 Mango Rice
 Cucumber Raita

Module 3
In the third module , we would be cooking a meal including two contemporary curries :
 Pepper Rice
 Tomato Fry/ Tomato Roast
 Pineapple Pachadi

Module 4
In the 4 th Module , we would be cooking a North Indian Meal
 Jeera Rice/ Cumin Rice
 Dal Fry
 Cauliflower Masala

Module 5
In the 5 th Module , we would be cooking the following and ending the five-day journey to make you confident in your journey into Indian Cuisine
 Dal Khichdi,
 Beetroot Raita
 Pea nut Laddu
 Inchipuli

This program is divided into five modules . Of which first module is a must module.

Price for each Module will be 100 US $ for four people and 150 US $ for six people . Maximum people can participate in this program will be 6 .
Payments can be made through Pay Pal or wire payment to our Bank .

We can also design different modules based on your taste and within the limits of Online possibilities after completing this five  modules.

This Program can be Scheduled between 08 .00 hours to 21.00 hours Indian Standard Time

The Program will be conducted over Zoom or Google Meet

Recipes will be given after the full payment for the program After this foundation program we can do bespoke sessions with the  different groups.