Dark Chocolate from 70% to 80% always attracted me and tasting various chocolates made be interested in Dark Chocolate making . But some 6 years back my search started and it went in different ways and had lot of interactions with various people and did not get a clue how to make dark chocolate . A good guidance from the internet and using appropriate technology and converting home equipments to make chocolate and making 70 batches of darkchocolates made me confident to give me Home level bean to bar dark Chocolate . So the two ingredient dark chocolate and the third ingredient may be cocoa butter , or to change flavour profiles use of chillies , garam masala , nut flakes , dried fruis all made possible , Now after the pandemic and when free travel is possible we will be doing our Appam anc Chocolate workshop .

For Chocolate Culinary trips our ares is the most suitable as there are good qualituy Cocoa plantations are there . The best chocolates are made from the nicely fermented and dried Cocoa beans . We are lucky to have Go Ground Beans https://www.facebook.com/goground . It is possible to source the good quality organically grown Cocoa beans and Cocoa butter sunbject to availability .
Now we have a great addition Rakkaudella Bean to Bar Dark Chocolates to our area http://rakkaudella.in . They make excellent quality two ingredient healthy dark chocolates . With arrangements we can arrange factory visitsd to our work shop participants